“Singapore Airshow” welcomes Tron Tech Future from Taiwan
Press Release
Feb 08, 2022

Singapore Airshow is the largest aerospace and defense exhibition in Asia. Every two years, highest-level government and aerospace industry leaders from the world comes to this event for deals and potential partnerships. All the most important aviation players from Asia also exchange their insight here. Despite the pandemic, there were still 30,000 visitors in 2020 compared to 70,000 attendees in 2018.

Tron Future Tech is the only exhibitor from Taiwan, bringing the world the first portable drone detection radar aka T.Radar Pro. Tron Future Tech Inc. is a global leader in ultra-thin and lightweight phased array system technology. The company excels in developing and producing the world’s most advanced fully digital/hybrid phased array radar and wireless communication hardware systems. They have successfully developed the satellite communication payload system for the third phase of the NSPO Space Program. Meanwhile, they would complete making their first spaceborne synthetic aperture radar(SAR) this year.

T.Radar Pro is a revolutionary folding wing radar with all-digital GaN phased array technology. T.Radar pro was first launched in Dubai Airshow 2021, where Tron Future Tech was also the only exhibitor from Taiwan. The company took over $3 million orders in the Dubai show, as the radar was only 14 kilograms light however achieving over 4km drone detection range.

With more global demand around drone detection and defense, all detention radars can’t be carried around and installed due to the oversize/weight.T.Radar Pro allows drone detection to be mobile and light without sacrificing performance. The machine is also top-in-class in user interface, with the recent big win of Golden Pin Design Award.