Start your career at Tron Future

Working at Tron Future

We are a young team with a close relationship, emphasis on cooperating and presenting innovative ideas. There are top teams with profound knowledge backgrounds to work with you in Tron Future, we also encourage everyone to explore and develop his or her potential.

To the newcomers, our flexible paid leaves let you have a chance to adjust your job and adaption situation. Regarding the safety of employees as the highest priority, in response to the Covid-19 epidemic, all employees are provided with paid vaccination leave under the encouragement of vaccination to create a safe working environment.

"Challenge status-quo through exploring fundamentals. Build products with excitement based on layers of solid technologies."

Yu-Jiu Wang, CEO

Our Culture

Due to founders’ education backgrounds, Tron Future Tech Inc.’s corporate culture evolves from Caltech community culture and ethical conduct. Tron Future Tech Inc.’s executives are devoted to create an honest, collaborative, liberal, fundamental-oriented, and fact-based working environments. We follow strict working disciplines that are committed to excellence, and are attentive to details, root causes, results, and values. Our culture allows us to consistently and reliably deliver most competitive solutions to our valued customers. Our employees treat all customers and suppliers with sincere respects and integrity.

Our Team

Our earliest three co-founders are Caltech related. They received Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering on RF SoC and DSP respectively. In addition, over thirty percent of our current employee have Ph.D. degrees from top institutions, including Caltech, MIT, USC, UCLA, NTU, NCTU, NTHU, etc. Their professional backgrounds range from E.E., C.S., and ME. Almost all of our employees have M.S. degrees in diverse fields from top institutions or national universities. The executive team constantly searches and hires the most talented who agree our core values and culture.


In terms of the working environment, we strive to provide the most comfortable hardware facilities like electric lift tables and ergonomic chairs so that everyone can focus on their work. Besides, the health of our employees is the most valued property, we provide full-time employees with subsidies for annual health checkups per year. To encourage each one to build a healthy lifestyle, there are subsidies for annual gym fees.
Hoping each one in our group feel respected and valued, we offer additional subsidies for the afternoon tea, birthday gift and departmental activity.