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About Us

Tron Future Tech (創未來科技) literally means “to create future technology” in mandarin Chinese. It states the long term focus of Tron Future Tech Inc. is to create never-existed technologies for the well-beings of all humankinds based on fundamental researches, and not limited by disciplinary boundaries. Tron Future Tech also derives its name from a popular sci-fi movie “Tron: legacy” due to the similarities that our founders are Caltech related.

Our Technology

Tron Future Tech Inc. continuously delivers world’s thinnest all-digital phased array systems. To create such systems, we have thoroughly studied and tested fundamental principles to make breakthroughs in III/V or CMOS ASIC/SoC, antenna, packaging, cooling, DSP, digital array system, data processing, computer architecture, language compiler, information architecture, production testing methods etc. Making high-end phased arrays in thin form factor allows Tron Future Tech Inc. to create never-imagined applications for diverse industries.


Tron Future Tech aims to provide the best quality via continuous investment in product quality.



  • New Product Announced

    The world's first portable (folding) drone/bird detection 3D phased array radar

  • ISO 14001:2015 Certified

    Environmental Management Systems

  • ISO 45001:2018 Certified

    Occupational health and safety management systems

  • Contracted with NSPO

    Development of X-band phased array transmitter (Engineering model and engineering qualification model)

  • PLM system integration

    → Windchill

  • Closing of the contract with NSPO

    Development of X-band phased array transmitter (Prototype)

  • Contracted with NSPO

    X-band SAR Phased Array Antenna Experimental Model

  • ISO 9001 Certified

    ISO 9001 Quality Management System

  • CRM system integration

    → Salesforce

  • ERP system integration

    → Digiwin

  • Contracted with NSPO

    Development of X-band phased array transmitter (Prototype)

  • Office location in TFC ONE building
  • Formal establishment of Tron Future Tech Inc.

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Our Culture

Due to founders’ education backgrounds, Tron Future Tech Inc.’s corporate culture evolves from Caltech community culture and ethical conduct. Tron Future Tech Inc.’s executives are devoted to create an honest, collaborative, liberal, fundamental-oriented, and fact-based working environments. We follow strict working disciplines that are committed to excellence, and are attentive to details, root causes, results, and values. Our culture allows us to consistently and reliably deliver most competitive solutions to our valued customers. Our employees treat all customers and suppliers with sincere respects and integrity.

Our Team

Our earliest three co-founders are Caltech related. They received Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering on RF SoC and DSP respectively. In addition, over thirty percent of our current employee have Ph.D. degrees from top institutions, including Caltech, MIT, USC, UCLA, NTU, NCTU, NTHU, etc. Their professional backgrounds range from E.E., C.S., and ME. Almost all of our employees have M.S. degrees in diverse fields from top institutions or national universities. The executive team constantly searches and hires the most talented who agree our core values and culture.