Drone Surveillance
The widespread popularity of UAV creates new security threats and flight safety concerns. The search of UAV cannot be achieved by video camera due to the long surveillance range (from few hundred meters to few kilometers) and weather vulnerability. UAV can neither be easily found by conventional surface search radar, due to the UAV's RCS is much smaller than its background reflections at the same distance. Tron Future Tech Inc. invented effective 3D surveillance phased array radar solutions at an affordable cost to help our valued customers search for UAV invasions.
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Since SpaceX, OneWeb and other companies started to launch a large number of LEO satellites, high-speed LEO satellite communication has been gradually emphasized recently. Tron Future Tech is committed to using AESA technology in related communication equipment. Currently, the products in related fields include Transmitter, SAR, CubeSAT payload, etc. More diversified communication equipment including transmitter and receiver are under continuous development.
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Other Industries
Tron Future Tech Inc. constantly looks for new applications in unattended industries. If you have outdoor surveillance needs, and there is no solution that fit your needs, Please contact Tron Future Tech Inc. for discussions. Our experts will help you evaluate your problems and invent new technologies for your domain problems if necessary.